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1) What Does It Mean to Be "Reformed?"

The Theology Commission of the WRF, chaired by Andrew McGowan, has taken on the task of defining the meaning of the theological term "Reformed Theology."  Members of the Commission from around the world have held two in-person meetings, in 2016 and 2017, and another meeting is scheduled for 2018.  This project was undertaken after one of our organizational members, a seminary, determined to remove the word "Reformed" from its official name because of confusion about the meaning of that word. Since the word is used in our own name, we felt it especially urgent to make clear what we believe is involved in its meaning. The project is being funded by designated contributions and the final conclusions reached by the Theology Commission will be posted on this website. 

2) Assistance to the Church in South Sudan

For years, the Sudanese Reformed Churches, a denominational member of the WRF) have been experiencing persecution.  At their request, the WRF arranged (in November of 2017) for the writing and publication of a history of this denomination and a copy of that history is available on this website.  In addition, WRF members Flip Buys and Rob Norris have spent and will continue in 2018 to spend significant time in the country assisting with (i) refugee support (ii) trauma training (iii) seminary development.

3) Working on "Christian Civility."

Three members of the WRF (Richard Mouw, Craig Higgins, and Sam Logan), joined by Katherine Leary Alsforf and Vince Bacote, arranged a "Consultation of Christian Civility" in New York City from October 3 - 5, 2017.  Twenty-five evangelical leaders met at Central Presbyterian Church (EPC) to discuss ways of addressing the problem of "verbal nastiness" among evangelical Christians in the USA.  Out of the Consultation came several specific ideas which are in the process of being implemented.  


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