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Global Theological Education

From June 2 through June 6, 2014, the WRF joined with several other organizations to host a Consultation on Global Theological Education in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  The purposes of and participants in that Consultation, along with links to the videos of the plenary sessions of the Consultation, may be found by clicking here -          

Ministry in the Context of Islam

The WRF is working with six institutions around the world toward the creation of Islam Ministry Centers.  The progress made on this project will be highlighted at our 2015 General Assembly in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Human Trafficking and Gender Violence

The WRF co-sponsored, with Northwest University of South Africa, a Conference on Human Trafficking and Gender Violence in October of 2013 in Potschefstroom, South Africa.  The DVD's of the plenary presentations at the conference have been uploaded to this website and are available here - 


September 30, 2014
Hong Kong is in turmoil right now. Many Christians are asking, "Where is God in all these crazy events?"
September 18, 2014

For full information about the Daily Schedule of our 2015 General Assembly and about accommodations for the Assembly and to register for the Assembly, click on the link below. 


General Assembly Registration

September 13, 2014
The referendum on Scottish Independence with be held on Thursday, September 18, and opinion polls are VERY close with respect to the likely results.


September 30, 2014
The current rash of beheadings by Muslim terrorists around the world may—may—give us a clue as to the time and place we find ourselves.
September 9, 2014
We believe that Dr. Douglas Green consistently upholds the authority and integrity of the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments both in his teaching and in his life.
September 9, 2014
It happened more than two generations now. But we must remember as if it were tomorrow.