We welcome into the activities of the WRF entire denominations, individual congregations, and parachurch organizations which share our theological commitments as those commitments are expressed in the Reformed confessions listed below.

We also welcome into the WRF individuals who share our theological commitments even if the churches or fellowships of which those individuals are a part may not share those commitments. We believe that such individuals have much to gain from and much to give to the WRF.   More importantly, we believe that including such individuals is an expression of the universal visible church.

There are no required membership fees in the World Reformed Fellowship. Instead, members are asked to pray for the work of the WRF, to contribute blogs or news reports to the WRF website and, as possible, to make annual financial donations of at least US$20. to the WRF. 

As of September 5, 2016, the World Reformed Fellowship is comprised of 75 denominations, 117 congregations, 191 organizations, and 804 individuals from 81 countries around the world. View full membership lists here

To apply for membership in the WRF, complete the application below or download a Word document version.



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