Book Available - Hope for the Southern World

April 15, 2008

Book Available -  Hope for the Southern World

Many Christians in Africa, Asia, and Latin America are troubled by political upheavals in their home nations. Recent examples are massive disturbances in Kenya (see above) and Pakistan, and the disturbances are not limited to those two nations.

What can Christian societies do to promote civility in their own nations? The book, Hope for the Southern World, offers some answers.

The author, WRF member Timopthy Monsma,  is a graduate of Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia, has a Ph.D. from Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, and has extensive prior experience in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. He is the director of Cities for Christ Worldwide and this agency has underwritten the publication and distribution of Hope. 

500 copies were requested and sent to Nigeria and 200 to Kenya. Others have shown a keen interest in this book, which is now available in Spanish as well as basic English (for those for whom English is their second language).

To order a sample copy of the book, or to receive information about overseas distribution, contact: CCW Books; 2474 Boise Avenue; Loveland, Colorado 80538  USA. 

To communicate directly with Dr. Monsma, e-mail him at .