4th Presbyterian Church (Bethesda, Maryland) Builds the Kingdom of Christ in the Sudan (as well as doing many other things!)

March 11, 2009

Ministry Report from WRF member Robert Norris

The Lord has blessed the ministry here at Fourth Presbyterian Church with a growth in numbers following the completion of our building project.  We have added a significant amount of education and fellowship space that has enabled us to expand our Children Youth and Adult Education ministries. 

We are continuing to provide theological education in Juba, Southern Sudan where we are building a seminary and offering classes to those in pastoral charge and those preparing for Christian Ministry.
We are also building a Christian school in Bowma in Southern Sudan and are providing classes to local pastors and itinerant evangelists in this remote Sudanese area. 

I continue to preach at all three morning worship services and teach a course of Systematic Theology on a Wednesday Evening at our Church Night.   I also teach a Men's Bible Study on Tuesday Mornings at 6.30am where we are going through the Psalms and a Women's Bible Class on Thursdays at 11.00am where we have been looking at the Parables of Jesus.

Dr. Rob Norris  rob@4thpres.org