Coram Deo Study Center Offers FREE Seminary Education

March 9, 2009

The Coram Deo Study Center and the North American Reformed Seminary

WRF member Coram Deo serves as an umbrella for The North American Reformed Seminary (which is also a member of the WRF). We are in our second year as a not-for-profit corporation in the state of Arizona. We do not presently have a 501c3 nor do we presently accept donations. 

Here are a few points of interest about our work:

1) The North American Reformed Seminary currently has over 120 students enrolled internationally. Our purpose is to provide a rigorous and solid Reformed education FREE.
2) Ligonier Ministries has graciously allowed us to use two lecture series in our course work. The Westminster Confession by Dr John Gerstner and Consequences of Ideas by Dr RC Sproul. 

3) There are currently 12 members of the oversight committee which also serve as mentors for our students.
4) We have added a person to process applications, transcripts and reference letters to forward to committee members for evaluation.
5) Rev. Ken Aull of Equipping Pastors International , Dr William Bauerle and Dr Lawrence Bray are currently working on curriculum which coincides with the Leaders library EPI sends untrained or under trained pastors is several countries. This curriculum will allow these pastors to earn a degree through The North American Reformed Seminary free. Currently there are six completed courses: Knowing God (J.I. Packer), Nine Marks of a Healthy Church (Mark Dever), Bibliology (based on chapters from The Portable Seminary [ed David Horton]) and Systematic Theology (Wayne Grudem), Hermeneutics (based on chapters from The Portable Seminary and from How to Study your Bible by Kay Arthur), Basics of Christianity (John RW Stott). There are as well three other courses close to completion as well: Doctrine of God and Doctrine of Christ (both based on The Portable Seminary) and Systematic Theology (Wayne Grudem).

6) There are presently four students enrolled in the EPI/TNARS course of study from Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda and DR Congo.

7) Coram Deo is desirous establishing a full study center in Flagstaff. Arizona. Our vision includes the following: 

a) A facility that would house offices and area for lectures and meetings both for local residents and for TNARS. 

b) To create a L’Abri type setting for the teaching of God’s word in a setting that will allow interaction.
c) Possibly to team with Miami International Seminary (MINTS) to offer classes that could have transferable credits to the University of Northern Arizona allowing Christian students to develop a Christian world view along with the discipline which they are studying at the university.
d) Possibly to become a resource for home school families. 

Here are a few areas in which we would request assistance from other members of the WRF:

1) Qualified mentors for TNARS. Currently we are having to put applicants on a waiting list due to the mentor student ratio we have established. We would like to see local mentors take part in the education of students. A local mentor works with students in their congregation or presbytery. We currently have one such mentor and would like to encourage more. 

2) Prayer – as we continue to see need for a study center ministry in our area we are asking that God would provide the resources to establish such a ministry in Flagstaff.

Respectfully submitted
William Bauerle