Planting 1000 New Churches in Uganda

March 19, 2009

Submitted by WRF member and Board Member Peterson Sozi

Blessed be the Lord our God, who enables us to serve Him for His own glory.

For the last 12 months God has led us to plan and have a 7 year vision starting with 2007
up to 2014. We are focusing on Luwero Triangle a demonized place in Central Uganda where the war against dictatorship in Uganda started. Our plan is to plant 1000 new churches. We were able to conduct 10 monthly evangelistic campaigns and 10 new congregation were planted in different villages in rural Uganda.

The 10 Pastors of these new churches are being supported with $25. every months and this will go on for only 24 months and we hope at that time the congregations will be strong enough financially to sustain the pastor. The pastors are also trained to do tent making businesses which are relevant in villages. for example , mixed farming, making soap, sugar from sugar canes etc.

God has graciously led us to start a Church Leadership Training called "Alone with God" on a 400 acre farm. The first Training was in March 2007 with 21 pastors, The second Training was attended by 50, the third one was attended by 60 and the recent fourth one which took place from February 9 to 22, 2009, was attended by 105 church leaders from various church denomination!

We are believing God to construct 100 self contained cottages on this farm and so far 5 have been put and pastors and other church leaders are welcomed to this farm have a time alone with God in the forest, praying and walking through prayer trails.

Two couples joined us in training these pastors and they came from Republic of South Africa and United States of America.

We shall be conducting these Leadership Trainings every after three months.   This training is none traditional, its mentoring and its on job training.

Most Ugandans live in rural areas and disciplining a nation like this we have to focus on those populations many of whom have little education and their leaders may not qualify to study in a formal Bible College.

We need your prayers as we evangelize, plant churches and train leaders. 
WE APPEAL TO ALL WRF MEMBERS TO ASSIST IN THIS NOBLE TASK, sending us teachers and advisers.

God also providentially chose Uganda to be the host of Africa WRF conference for 2009
This will take place from Sept. 16 to 19.and we have now started to prepare for this conference.

Peterson Sozi