Teaching Creationism In Brazil

March 18, 2009

Submitted by WRF Member Dr. Augustus Nicodemus Lopes

In the last months I was busy with a controversy raised by the secular media in Brazil about the teaching of creationism in our schools and University. Mackenzie Presbyterian Institute has three schools (K to 12th grade) and one university (45 thousand students all together).

Being the Chancellor of the institution, I am responsible for its Christian worldview.

We are developing a Christian curriculum and books for our schools, where the fact the God created the world is mentioned constantly, even in the Sciences books. In our university, we have introduced Intelligent Design in some large events as an alternative to Darwinism. When the secular media knew about this, several articles in Brazil's largest newspapers were published criticizing our policy and saying that the Government should intervene to stop this.

Creationism, they said, cannot be taught - only in religion classes. There was even a TV program that went national about this. My colleagues and I were busy answering emails, phone calls and being interviewed by several small newspapers about all this. Now the main storm is over, and we are still holding our ground. But there is more to come. After all, this is Darwin's year. Please, pray for us.

Should anyone wish to contact us, please write to augustus@mackenzie.com.br