Building Christ's Church in Bologna, Italy

April 28, 2009

Two ways to live. Which is yours? The Annual CERBI (Chiese Evangeliche Reformate in Italia) conference was held in Bologna on 25th April 2009. More than 300 people from several churches assembled together to hear God's word, enjoy Christian fellowship and evangelize. The latter aspect was the focus of the day.

After a time of prayer, three groups were formed and sent to different central sites in Bologna. Each group held an open air meeting with public preaching and tract distribution and conversations with people. The day was sunny and a lot of people around could listen to the proclamation of the Gospel. The main theme of the meetings was "Two ways to live. Which is yours?"  

We can be either saved by grace through faith in Christ or damned in sin and everlasting condamnation. Later in the afternoon, an evangelistic meeting was held indoor. Again the Gospel was preached by pastor Jean Thisbuabua, originally from Congo and pastor of a church in Reggio Emilia. We have news of 6 people who said they were ready to repent and believe in Jesus Christ after the meeting. Every participant was challenged to make evangelism a priority in personal life.

The CERBI churches desire that evangelism and church planting be on the agenda of the churches. There are many pressures that discourage this aim, but the Gospel must be preached so that God will bring a season of biblical reformation in the country.

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