IgniteUS Seeks to Assist Churches in Being Healthy and Effective

April 3, 2009

"Measure Ministry by Transformation, not mere activity"
The ministry of IgniteUS offers a comprehensive focus on the health and effectiveness of the local church. We use time tested assessments that have validity and reliability. The IUS Team is comprised of men who are Pastors. They have applied in ministry the principles we teach. We personally invest time on each campus. We equip a Leadership Team in each local church who shapes the renewal process to fit their local church. There is no one size fits all. Our ministry is principle based. We provide a metric process known as our 14 Effectiveness Criteria. Each area is rooted in the Scripture and provides a ‘guided metric’. This results in an objective and verifiable analysis of genuine Transformation of both the individual believer and the congregation. This is the expectation of each and every Pastor/Shepherd (Heb. 13:17). We delight to equip Pastors to accomplish this glorious task.

Friend Church, Pastor Greg Dowey, Irmo, SC has completed the IUS process. This assembly is a church plant, launched in 1998. They entered the Transformation Process in 2004. Last June (2008) they baptized 35 adult converts. They have grown numerically from a core group of 50 to 400. More significantly, they have a ministry focused on Intentional Disciplemaking and Leadership Development. They have a Strategic Plan to continue their numerical growth, make genuine disciples and reproduce Leaders. This is done through the Modeling impact of current Leaders who are mature and effective. Hear Pastor Dowey’s testimony at www.igniteus.net , "Video Downloads". You may contact Pastor Dowey by calling 803 318 4734 or at gdowey@friendchurch.com . You may contact IgniteUS by emailing us at info@igniteus.net or by calling 803 776 5282.

Yes, YOU can Pastor and IgniteUS is here to guide and equip YOU!

Submitted by WRF member Tom Fillinger.