The San Francisco Theological Center Launches the Wilberforce Fellowship

April 25, 2009

More than a decade ago, a group of urban Christians pondered what it would mean
to prepare the next generation for wise and relevant Christian engagement in the
city of San Francisco, as well as other strategic urban centers across the
world. Today, that vision is a reality in The Wilberforce Fellowship.

The fellowship is named in honor of William Wilberforce and his circle of
friends, "the Clapham group," who promoted social reform and, most notably, the
abolition of slavery in late 18th, early 19th century England. Within this
fellowship were men and women of influence in business, politics, and the arts
who longed to see the justice and mercy of Christ meet the injustices of
slavery, poor work conditions, inadequate child labor laws, and poverty. Their
efforts impacted education and orphanages, hospitals and prisons. In recent
years, followers of Jesus have spearheaded reforms such as the Civil Rights
Movement and fostered help for people in need through Habitat for Humanity,
L'Arche, Food for the Hungry, and Alcoholics Anonymous.

For more information, contact WRF member Scot Sherman at