The Gospel in Sudan

May 16, 2009
Sudanese Reformed Churches (SRC)
Historical Background
Sudanese Reformed Churches started as a small Christian household fellowship in 1992 in Khartoum. It was the time when the Sudanese Islamic Government was determined to eradicate Christianity in Sudan. Life by then was extremely difficult for Sudanese Christians. In the Southern Sudan, there was savage and destructive war between the SPLA (Sudanese People Liberation Army). and Islamic troops. This caused a huge displacement and suffering. It was only in the Lord’s grace that the fellowship grew. This fellowship gave birth to three other household fellowships.
In February 2005, these four fellowships were organized as Christian denomination. They were instituted as churches. On 31 October 2005, the need for a synodical body was discussed and a synodical committee was formed. This would provide leadership and would supervise these churches and ensure that matters of doctrine and life, and growth (in the faith as well as numerically) is soundly grounded on Reformed faith as taught by the Reformers (Luther and Calvin). 
 With peace in Southern Sudan, there is a great opportunity for preaching the gospel, teaching and church planting.
Statement of Faith
SRC believes and confesses that the Holy Scripture both (Old Testament and New Testament) are the complete, inspired, and normative Word of God and are the only infallible basis of faith and practice for Christian believers(2 Tim 3:16). SRC adheres to the Ecumenical creeds of the Christian Church: the Apostles' Creed, the Nicene Creed and the Athanasian Creed as well as to the Reformed creeds: Heidelberg Catechism, Belgic Confession and Canon of Dorts.
Number of churhes
SRC has (4) congregations in Khartoum, one in Tongeli, Nuba Mountains and four household fellowships in Malakal, Wau, Bentiu, and Bor.
Ordained Ministers and Elders
               · SRC has four (4) ordained Ministers of the Word.
               · SRC has six (6) ordained ruling elders and five (5) deacons.
               · SRC has (11) evangelists.
SRC has Synodical Committee composed of five members:
  • Synodical President
  • Synodical Clerk
  • Synodical Treasurer
  • Two members from the churches
Our Plan
           1.  Cush Reformed Seminary (CRS), Malakal
CRS aims to provide four years' theological training for SRC future ministers of  the Word and other related sister-churches plus providing Christian education teachers for public and private schools.

SRC has already obtained approval from the State Government of Upper Nile to begin this venture. A plot (6000 sq ms) has been approved (not yet allotted) to CRS as the proposed site of the Seminary. The Lord willing, we hope to begin in March 2010.

We need a Reformed missionary (family) who can help in our church planting program and with the vision of Cush Reformed Seminary in Malakal.
 2.  Informal training would include conferences, workshops and seminars for evangelists, elders (teaching and ruling) youth leaders, women leaders, teenagers, youth, women and married couples.
 3. Christian School (Elementary and high schools) in Malakal. 
4.  Fund generating projects (poverty and dependence are some of our major problems).
5. Gospel outreach (church planting) in the following areas in the Southern Sudan:


6.  Publications: Church Order; translation of Heidelberg Catechism and Belgic confession to Arabic; production of SRC magazine (Cushite), it is hoped to be a quarterly publication.

 7.  Multi-purpose center in Khartoum



Rev. Patrick Jok Ding, Synodical Clerk

SRC P.O. Box 11501 Khartoum (Sudan)

Tel. 249 9 152 5691

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