"Sickness: Its Trials and Blessings" - A New Edition of the Classic by Priscilla Maurice

May 20, 2009

Report from WRF member Paolo Castellina (paolocastellina@gmail.com)

I am pleased to inform you that my wife has just published a book helping chronically ill people to cope with their situation in a Christian way. Priscilla Maurice's 'Sickness: its Trials and Blessings' was a best selling Victorian Christian classic on how to handle long-term illness from an informed and traditional Christian perspective. Usually reproduced anonymously, her book has been modernised in this edition by Alison Bailey Castellina, who adds for the first time the author's short biography, as well as full Scripture texts. Priscilla Maurice was born into a large and idealistic Victorian family. The younger sister of theologian and educational reformer F.D.Maurice, her family knew the most influential people of her day. She wrote this book to meet a need by the long-term sick for deeper pastoral care. Her systematic treatment of the "wholly different state" of illness, together with her keen understanding of human behaviour, continues to makes this book a precious companion and gift for those with a long-term health condition. See: http://www.lulu.com/content/paperback-book/sickness-its-trials-and-blessings/7053827