A New Christian Radio Station Broadcasting from the State of New York (USA)

June 30, 2009

Redeemer Broadcasting is a Reformed radio ministry that grew out of the need to provide a Family Radio alternative for listeners in the Hudson Valley of NY State. 

We know of the negative affects of Family Radio in terms of churchmen leaving their churches, lack of accountability and date setting – all the result of the teaching of Family Radio. By God’s grace, Redeemer Broadcasting supports the church, and does this within the context of sound teaching, traditional music, and the long term goal of artistic Christian NPR-like programming. We have a Board and an Advisory panel consisting of Pastors and broadcasters. We currently operate one full service station, and three translator stations in the Hudson Valley area of NY State. We are positioned to provide excellent replacement programming for any Family Radio station within one week of station acquisition, or Licensed Managed Agreement (LMA). Our programming is available via the web stream accessible from the ministry’s website: www.redeemerbroadcasting.org   

One way in which we could help other WRF members is to provide a clearing house for serious inquiry to members who have had fellow Christians leave the church. Christians with honest questions will be provided an extensive and respectful list of FAQs dealing with the false teaching of Harold Camping, and specifically about the continuing role of the Christ’s church. One area that WRF members could help Redeemer Broadcasting with its goal of providing a Family Radio alternative is to send your friends a link to our website, and to pray for us. 

Our immediate goal is to expand into the following areas: NYC, Philadelphia, Annapolis, and Joliet.

For further information, advice or assistance, please contact us at: dce@redeemerbroadcasting.org 

This report was submitted by WRF member Dan Elemndorf who may be reached at the e-mail address above.