Report from WRF Member Peterson Sozi in Uganda

June 30, 2009

Dearly Beloved,

Greetings in His most precious name.

Last week we were invited to the town of KAMULI so that we could meet with church leaders there who have heard about what God is doing in our" Alone With God" Leadership Training. Eight people from Kamuli attended the last training at the farm, in May and they wanted us to meet with other leaders in this eastern Uganda District.

We were able to meet with leaders in two separate meetings. One was attended by 35 pastors from Kamuli town and the other meeting at Kisozi was attended by over 100 church leaders. We explained what the Lord is doing with us in encouraging leaders to evangelize, plant new churches and train leaders. They were very excited about the program and now, in addition to serving God in Luwero Triangle, Kamuli is demanding that we work with them . Pray for wisdom so that God's will can be done.

Yesterday, we had several couples meeting in our home at Makindye, these came from among over 60 couples which have been wedded in our local church Capital Community Church in a program started three years ago to encourage people to officially marry in church. We have started the "Capital Community Couples' Club". Rev. Fred Mukasa and his wife from JInja town joined us and taught us about marriage. he is leading the Family counseling department with YWAM. Our plan is to have many
couples in the Capital City of Uganda - Kampala, trained in marriage issues and some of them will become counselors.

There is also another development in Uganda. We have been attacked by homosexuality which has possiblly infiltrated even the "Born Again Churches" and evangelical Churches! Rumors are going on imprecating some respectable leaders in the church.

The media has been carrying a lot of these stories to shame The Church. We have two umbrella organizations where most churches have fellowship membership. These include "Evangelical Fellowship of Uganda" and "National Fellowship of Born Again Pentecostal Churches". The majority of
protestant and indigenous churches in Uganda belong to these two umbrellas. I need your prayers because I have been chosen to be part of 24 elders selected from all over Uganda and then elected to be part of the 12 - Elders which make a joint Eldership which is selected from both the umbrellas, tasked with handling the homosexuality problem. I together with my fellow elders in the land of Uganda do covet for your prayers as we go about lifting the banner of love, discipline and holiness in our land.

We also need your prayers as we celebrate the 25 anniversary of Back To God Ministry on June 28.

May God bless you.

Ever Yours,

Peterson Sozi  [Member of the Board of Directors of the WRF]