A Ministry of Jewish Evangelism in London

September 17, 2009


David Bond, Borehamwood, UK
I have been involved in full-time evangelistic ministry among Jewish people in North London since 1985.   Many of my friendships with Jewish people have come about through regular door-to-door visitation, mostly conducted on behalf of the church of which my wife and I are members.   As a pianist and former music teacher, I have been able to use my musical abilities over a long period of time to nurture friendships with Jewish people. Alongside my work among Jewish people, I am also an elder of our church and teach Biblical Hebrew in the London Theological Seminary, which is a Reformed Seminary for training ministers of the Gospel.
As an outcome of my MPhil thesis on the subject of ‘Messianic Expectation in Second Temple Judaism’, I have developed a series of presentations for churches on the theme of Discovering Jesus in His Jewishness. My concern in this is to help believers understand something of the Jewishness of Jesus and the New Testament. At the same time, I am glad of every opportunity for encouraging believers to reach out to Jewish people sensitively and cross-culturally with the Gospel, whilst also seeking to learn from the experiences of others who have had ongoing involvement with the Jewish people.
I can be reached at davidfbond@btopenworld.com