A Mission of Peacemaking in India

September 7, 2009

The Mission of Peacemaking in India
a report by
WRF member Rev. A. A. Hiwale


Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,

There was this article yesterday in the leading news paper in India, The Hindustan Times, stating some news regarding the Orissa State in India. The article supports the fact that the church suffered great persecution during August of 2008, and over 154 churches were demolished and 23,000 Christians were in refugee camps.

For Mission of Peace Making, (MPM), this not a just piece of news, it is real, because some of the Reformed Christians who suffered were part of MPM.

This is our great joy to state that the MPM have been one of the trusted organization in Orissa by the locals & she is the reformed organization that shares reformed faith and gives all possible help to the churches in Orissa at this time of need.

On my recent visit, I was asked to work in Orissa by the Chief (Pradhans) of some of these affected villages. This month early I have met with many victims and visited many families in various villages. All that the newspaper says is much more real to me. Their statistic given in the article is surprisingly correct. Generally newspapers are not true to the realistic statistics, they lower the number or increase it based on the popularity but this article is much more

Let us join hands as we serve the poor Church in Orissa.

MPM plans to focus just 12 churches and some villages out of 154 churches and many villages that have been disturbed. We were able to give relief help close to 900 people over the period of last whole year but the need is/was for the 23,000 people. Yes. Twenty three thousand Christians.

Please ask me any question that might come to your minds. I will be glad to answer them.

Finally, MPM would like to thank all of you and your churches for praying for Orissa and helping Orissa through MPM.

Yours sincerely in the service of the Lord. 

Rev. A. A. Hiwale