Report from the Reformed Church of Quebec

October 11, 2009
Église réformée du Québec (ERQ)
2009 Report for World Reformed Fellowship
           Greetings, brothers, in the name our Lord Jesus Christ whose kingdom continues to advance in response to the prayers of his people.
            We would like to take a couple minutes to bring you up to speed on what the Lord has seen fit to accomplish in our midst this past year by his grace working through clay vessels. 
Our two urban congregations, Montreal and Quebec City, continue to experience growth in numbers, thanks in particular to the growing influx of immigrants, as well as young people from sister congregations moving to the urban centres for post-secondary education.   Converts, particularly among the Quebecers, are rather rare. About one percent of our overall growth can be attributed to conversion growth. While we continue to intercede for a greater awakening and thirst for the Word of truth, we do rejoice in each soul that the Good Shepherd calls to himself.
            Our three suburban and regional congregations have faced difficulties this past year. Two pulpits were vacated. Provisional sessions (councils) are overseeing the ministry of these two churches. The third congregation has experienced a slow, but steady decline in membership, particularly as their youth either abandon the faith or move to the urban centres for study and work.
            Besides numerical growth, we rejoice to grow spiritually in the knowledge and grace of Jesus Christ. The ministry of the Word is faithfully maintained in each of our pulpits. Catechism classes as well as dynamic youth groups prepare our covenant youth to profess their faith in Jesus Christ, to be received at the Lord’s Table, and to take a more active place in the ministry of the body.
            Our synod met three times this past year. Significant time was spent in sharing what the Lord is doing in each of our churches and praying for one another. No significant overtures or committee proposals were dealt with. During our September 2009 synod, we did rejoice to receive the Rev. Christian Adjémian from the RPCNA. Pastor Adjémian will teach at our seminary, Farel, as well as fill pulpits. Seminary student, Winston Bosch, was also examined and received as a candidate for the ministry.   New mission projects, particularly in the Montreal area, are being actively explored.
We continue to covet your prayers for the Lord’s work in this corner of the world. We also rejoice to join with you in prayer as we seek to fulfil the missionary mandate given by our Lord to make disciples of all nations.
In his service,
Pastor Ben Westerveld
for the ERQ Interchurch Committee
ERQ Interchurch Committee
844, rue de Contrecoeur
Québec (Québec) G1X 2X8
(418) 659-7943