Urgent Need for Theological Books in Kenya

November 4, 2009

Common-Ground Theological Institute
P.O. Box 1294-00618
Ruaraka, NAIROBI,  Kenya. 
November 4, 2009

Dear WRF Family,

My name is Ronald Munyithya and am a member of this great World Reformed Fellowship family. For the last three years I have been principal of Common Ground Theological Institute. CTI is staunchly committed to the Reformed teaching and her vision is to see church leadership that is fully committed to biblical authority both in doctrine and life.

To be reformed in Africa can be a very lonely thing and ironically it is just this that encourages us to stand boldly for this timeless truth of scripture. It has been gratifying for the time I have been here to see men and women from other theological distinctives happily soak the reformed teaching in their lives and church ministry. Surely the glory goes to God and not to us.

Friends you will agree with me that for good training to take place you need good teachers and good books. Good teachers we have but our greatest challenge is a sizable quality library.

Looking at our membership, if each member could give us only two books I think CTI would be well positioned to improve on the quality of the training it is offering in this part of the world. Let me say any book touching on any course within theological encyclopaedia will be highly appreciated. And just in case you might want to send us more than two, I understand that a parcel of up to 20kg is not charged by Kenyan post office.

Though the book donation is so important to us, our greatest need is your prayer support that God will continue to make us faithful to Him and to His Word. To remain faithful to our great reformed heritage and always doing all we can in His power so that the reformed church will always be reforming for the glory of our God. Thanks for hearing our cry. 

If you are able to send books to us, please send them to the address at the top of this appeal.

In the bonds of His grace, 

WRF Member Ronald M.Munyithya  (Rev.)
Principal: CTI

E-mail address: ronmunyithya@yahoo.com