Report on Evangelistic Campaign in Mazzi, Uganda

February 4, 2010

Report on Evangelistic Campaign in Mazzi, Uganda

WRF Board Member, the Rev. Peterson Sozi

We have been crusading at a place called Mazzi in Luwero Triangle. The Lord blessed the mission in a way we have never seen before. Those who confessed Jesus as their Savior were over 350 in a village! 

We burnt fetishes which are the powerful in Buganda's cultural / ancestral worship called 'Balongo'. The people who surrendered them to be set on fire had kept them for 62 years! 

God also by His grace allowed us to defy powerful Ghosts who rule territories. Especially this territory of Mazzi. There is a spring which was enlarged to a valley dam and it never looses water spring! when all other springs in region dry up during dry spells, this one never dries. They recall that one time when herdsmen took away papyrus from this spring, the papyrus returned by themselves to back to the spring! As a result for over 50 years no one could touch the papyrus to bring them to the village. 

We went there prayed and brought the papyrus and they never returned! To the Glory of God. As we brought them every member of the village was very afraid but when they saw that nothing happened they believed in the power of God. they also say that there are catfish in the spring but one day some fellow caught one but when he came at home and tried to butcher it, it was putting itself together and it could not be killed. He took it back to the spring and a lady who witnessed that when she was 12 is still arrive and she testified to that. 

We also defied Ghosts on a forested hill where people believed that you could never get fire wood from that forest and remain alive. and 4 people have hanged themselves on that hill. We went there, brought firewood and used it to cook our meal and nothing happened to us! Hallelujah! People who got saved included old people of 80, 71 , 62 years and younger! Amen. Old people usually do not surrender to Jesus.

The Lord has led us to buy a PA system to give it to this community so that every morning and evening , broadcasts would be made for reading scripture, prayer and preaching of the Word. The majority of the people do not have Bibles and yet we feel that these converts need to be properly discipled. Hallelujah!! 

We gave 4 scholarships to the leaders in this community to attend the 8th "Alone With God Leadership" training which is due next Monday Feb 8th. 

We are talking to disciple making ministries to have partnership with us in following up and nurturing these precious converts. Do you know any? 

Pray for us. 

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The Rev. Peterson Sozi