Distance Education by WRF Member Mukhanyo Theological College in South Africa

June 13, 2010

Distance Education by WRF Member Mukhanyo Theological College in South Africa  

There are currently 2 million pastors in Africa and about 90% of them have no formal training. Most African pastors do not have access to quality theological education. This results in theological ignorance, biblical error and spiritual confusion. Even those who desire to study are unable to leave the churches they serve.

Mukhanyo Theological College has been providing Bible instruction to church leaders for more than fifteen years. High-quality and Reformed Bible teaching with contextual application has been given to hundreds of church leaders. But we could only reach those who live within traveling distance of the college. Some have come from greater distances, but this increases the overall costs and ineffectiveness of education. We are now bringing education to Church Leaders.

Mukhanyo Distance is designed to do this while our goals remain the same: 

(a) to equip church leaders (pastors, church members, church communities) with in-service training in their own ministry context; 

(b) to help churches provide quality discipleship and biblical training; 

(c) to provide quality academic content in an acceptable format that also addresses the importance of a godly Christian character and the immediate contextual application of what is learned.

There are three important parts to the Mukhanyo Distance programme in providing a stable learning platform:

DVD Courses: We offer videos of actual lectures at Mukhanyo together with a study guide and/or textbook. This provides the delivery of high-quality Reformed content at the same level of learning as on Mukhanyo’s campus. It also ensures that the content is not changed in any way before it is taught.

Group Learning: It is difficult to study alone. There is a high ‘drop out’ rate when studying alone. But learning is much easier, productive and rewarding when studying in groups. This provides an environment for discussion, debate and encouragement with your fellow students. These learning groups will form naturally when local church leaders around Africa gather to watch DVD courses together. Group learning also encourages churches to come together, enhancing unity and co-operation at various levels.

Local Mentors: The facilitator/mentor will be a suitably qualified, experienced person who watches the DVDs together with the students. This person will coordinate the learning with Mukhanyo’s administration and provide support, guidance, and encouragement to the students. 

Since Mukhanyo Theological College is accredited by the South African government and the College is registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training as a private higher education institution under the Higher Education Act, 1997, Registration Certificate No. 2009/HE08/002. Therefore, Mukhanyo Distance is able to provide the same recognition to students as on-campus students with the appropriate assessments.

Two Study Programmes are offered: 1) The certificate course (1 year of full-time study) is for students who have completed less than grade 9 at a secondary school and 2) The diplomma course (2 years of full-time study) is for students who have completed Grade 12, but have not passed with university exemption. 

Mukhanyo would love to provide further information about its distance education programmes to any interested WRF members and it would love to receive from other WRF members samples of distance education materials which those members might be using.


Brian DeVries, Principal
Mukhanyo Theological College
Plot 1 Solomon Mahlangu Drive
P.O. Box 594
KwaMhlanga 1022 South Africa
Telephone/Fax: +27 13 947 2179 
E-mail: briand@mwf.net
Website: www.mukhanyo.co.za