FREE Theological Education Offered by WRF Member TNARS

June 13, 2010

FREE Seminary Education Offered by WRF Member TNARS

Christ has blessed The North American Reformed Seminary (TNARS) in 2010. As a free seminary, we have struggled in the past with finding qualified men to volunteer their time to teach, even while prospective students remained at a very high rate. This year we’ve been blessed by having God draw more men to volunteer their time to TNARS and help us teach students for free. We have also made strides over the past year in being better recognized in the Reformed community. 

God has grown us in other areas as well: 

*  Acceptance from other well respected Reformed seminaries 

*  Rapid growth of student base (55 in 2008 compared to 170 at the time of writing this report) 

*  Growth in non-U.S. nations (approximately 56 of our students are from countries outside of the U.S.) 

*  Solid Oversight Department members 

*  Acceptance by solid denominations 

We are not only free of charge to the students; we also don’t accept any kind of donations whatsoever. So money never enters the picture with TNARS, bearing a good testimony in a world that is so concerned with finance. If folks want to donate we link them to other organizations like the WRF and Training God’s people to minister in His name for free is an exciting and challenging endeavor. 

Please keep us in prayer and assist us in any other appropriate ways, especially along the following lines: 

* That we would get more volunteers for mentoring [qualified WRF members welcome!

* That more seminaries [especially WRF member seminaries!] would accept our credits, enabling us to achieve recognition without the costly proposition of accreditation 

* That more denominations and church bodies [especially those which are members of the WRF!] would recognize our education as satisfying their training requirements so that our graduates can serve Christ freely

* That our graduates would bear much fruit to God’s kingdom, thereby giving TNARS a good reputation for being a seminary that produces dedicated servants of God.

For further information, contact: 

Lawrence E. Bray