Ministry to Those Struggling with Addiction by WRF member Larry Bray

June 13, 2010

Ministry to Those Struggling with Addiction

God has been faithful in blessing many ministries that I have been a part of even while He has seen fit in His providence to end some others. My ministry with CityTeam, which is a program devoted to rehabilitating those with addiction problems from a Christian perspective, has grown in terms of others helping minister. We have grown from two individuals who minister monthly to four individuals who minister monthly. Those who are involved in this ministry have also grown personally closer to Christ and have seen how God has gifted them to serve even more. Rather than just me preaching we now have three out of the four of us sharing in that responsibility and privilege. It is a blessing to see God working in those we minister to and in those of us who are ministering. For more information about CityTeam, go to If there are other WRF members who are involved in such ministry, I would love to share with you what we are doing here in Philadelphia and to learn what you are doing in your area.

Lawrence E. Bray