Preparing for the Lausanne Congress in Cape Town by WRF member Sam Logan

June 12, 2010

Cape Town 2010: The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization is fast approaching and many evangelical Christians around the world are already preparing for what will happen there between October 16 and October 25. Full details of the event can be found at The Executive Director of the Lausanne Movement, Dr. Doug Birdsall, spoke about the Congress at the WRF General Assembly in Edinburgh in April.

The World Reformed Fellowship will be actively participating - not only have I been invited to represent the WRF as an official delegate, but many of our members (including one member who himself served as the Executive Director of the Lausanne Movement in the 1990's) will be attending and we expect to host a gathering of our members in Cape Town during the Congress. I would love to know about other evangelical Reformed Christians who are planning to be in Cape Town and my contact information is below.

In addition, a group of about twenty of us from the Greater Philadelphia area have been meeting to discuss how those who are NOT planning to be in Cape Town may yet participate in what the Lord will be doing there. Numerous ideas are even now in the process of implementation - for example, WRF member Tenth Presbyterian Church will be sending five young people to Cape Town as stewards for the Congress and will highlight some of the themes from the Congress at their Missions Conference in November. Further, World Team Mission of Warrington, Pennsylvania, will host meetings during the Cape Town Congress at which video feeds from the Congress will be used as the basis for conversations that will genuinely be "glocal!"

If anyone knows of other Lausanne-related activities that are being held in their areas (anywhere in the world!), I would love to know about those activities so the Philadelphia-area group can consider these possibilities in our continuing planning.  Likewise, if anyone would like fuller details on what is being planned here in Philadelphia, feel free to contact me.

Dr. Sam Logan
International Director
The World Reformed Fellowship