Reformed and Evangelical Digital High Definition Television Broadcasts in Brazil by WRF Member Dr. Augustus Nicodemus Lopes

June 12, 2010

Report from WRF member Dr. Augustus Nicodemus Lopes
I just received news that our Digital HD Television Channel is on the air! Mackenzie University is the only private and confessional one to receive a permission from the Brazilian Government to have and use digital HD TV to broadcast cultural, educational (and confessional!) programs all over Sao Paulo city. We are talking about 15 million people. When we first got the governmental concession, I was asked to chair the project to produce high quality programs that would deal with education and cultural issues from a Christian worldview. After many months of recruiting the right people, choosing the best themes and recording all programs in HD quality, we finally can watch Mackenzie’s HD channel being broadcasted to all those who can receive digital signal in their TV sets - an increasing number. The importance of the use of this media to spread good educational material with a Christian worldview can be best measured against the fact that TV evangelical programs in Sao Paulo are overwhelmingly dominated by neopentecostal and prosperity gospel TV evangelists. Before the Mackenzie channel went on the air, it was almost impossible to turn on the TV in Sao Paulo and find a good, biblical and solid Christian program that can help people to understand the world from a Christian reformed perspective.

For questions or other input, contact:

Dr. Augustus Nicodemus Lopes
Mackenzie University
Sao Paulo, Brazil