Hospice Chaplaincy and Starting a Bible Study by WRF Member Brian Wheatley

July 4, 2010

Hospice Chaplaincy and Starting a Bible Study                                                       

Since February of this year (2010), my wife and I have felt led to pursue Chaplaincy Ministry in a more concentrated way. We went through a very hurtful process, through which God directed me away from a position as an Associate Pastor of a church. Although we are still healing from the pain, God has been very faithful and has opened up doors for me to become associated with Hospice and become a minister to terminally ill patients. I enjoy this very much. What a comfort the grand old doctrines of the Reformation have provided for me while on this venture. I thank God that He can still use me, even though there have been times of hurt and discouragement.  If any WRF members would like more information about being a Hospice Chaplain, I would be delighted for them to contact me.
One of my strongest desires is to start a Bible Study that enables me to introduce the wonderful truths of sovereign grace to others. I hope that an opportunity will present itself by Fall. I would appreciate an interest in your prayers that if this is God's will, and the timing is right, a door of ministry would open. I would also love to receive suggestions from WRF members who have successfully started Bible studies about things I should keep in mind. 
May God bless you!
Chaplain Brian Wheatley