Hurricane Alex Affects WRF Members in Mexico - PLEASE PRAY

July 5, 2010

This open letter was written by WRF Board member Andres Garza Ayala:

Hi dear brothers and sisters:

As you may know, Monterrey and other cities in Mexico were hit by the Hurricane Alex. I came back from the PCA General Assembly in Nashville, Tennessee, last Thursday in the middle of the hurricane. I do not know how the airline still flew from Houston to Monterrey but I made it. When I arrived, I could not reach my house through the regular way through the city because the main route, Avenue Constitution, was destroyed in many places. When I got to the area of Cumbres, I realized that Leones, the main road in Cumbres, was blocked by literally mountains of rocks and dirt. Many secondary roads were destroyed completely. Some cars were covered with rocks.

The good thing is that there were very few casualties in Monterrey. This is by the mercy of God. The government of the city of Monterrey did a great job preparing the people against the hurricane.

None of our churches was damaged badly, just some leaking from the roofs and some electronic equipment was destroyed. Our offices were pretty badly affected on the first floor. Many books and book cases in the Library were damaged,  but still the love and mercy of the Lord was shown in His good care for us. We have the blessing to have two teams from Florida and Dallas that came this week and they are helping us with some things. this is a blessing to us.  Also, we have five great interns this summer working alongside with us.

I got some damage in my house but nothing that some money cannot fix. We were without water for some days and now the water we have is not drinkable. 

We in the missions team are fine. We need to do some work in our offices but, in general, we are very well. We appreciate your concerns and prayers. Please pray that the Lord use us to help the city to rebuild.

God bless you 

Andres Garza Ayala
WRF Board Member
Team Leader, Mission to the World Northern Mexico Team