Women Studying and Teaching the Bible by WRF Member Ingrid Wynveen

July 15, 2010


Report for WRF – Ingrid Wynveen

Women’s Bible Study

I have led a Bible study for women in our neighborhood for the last three years.  The group is made up of women from various backgrounds as well as believers and nonbelievers.  We have studied the life of Christ, the Psalms, Proverbs and several other books of the Bible using the Redemptive Historical approach to scripture though none of the women involved come from the Reformed background.

It is encouraging to observe the hunger and excitement these women have for learning more about the Lord and His written word as we are now studying the gospel of John.

My prayers for this group:  that my love for the Lord would be an encouragement for those who do not know Him as their Lord and Savior and that the Holy Spirit would work in our hearts so we might experience the joy of our fellowship with Jesus Christ.



Women in the Word

It has been my privilege to participate in the Women in the Word Workshop in Philadelphia for several years.  Sue Logan introduced this workshop in the U. S. after her participation for several years in the U.K.

This workshop trains and encourages women in their ability to interpret, apply and teach Scripture to others through presentations at plenary sessions and in small groups.  It is always challenging to prepare a passage of Scripture and present it as a teacher to the small group but it certainly hones teaching skills!  The process is very instructive as each member is evaluated by peers in the small group.  I look forward to participating in this workshop in October!

For further information about this year's workshop, go to http://www.wrfnet.org/web/guest/resources/bibleteaching


Ingrid Wynveen