Jewish Evangelism in the Far East by WRF Member Sarah Chan

August 5, 2010

A report of CWI ‘Jewish Awareness’ trip in the Far East  (07.2010)          Sarah Chan  


Go! Make disciples of Jewish people” was the theme of this year’s Christian Witness to Israel (CWI) Hong Kong annual conference on 1 July. During the CWI-HK day conference, we looked into the subject of ‘Jewish Evangelism and Christian Discipleship’ from 1 Thessalonians. The programme included a workshop on ‘Reaching out to the Jewish People in Hong Kong’, a brain-storming discussion on ‘The way ahead’ of the CWI-HK future work and, of course, a time of prayer and fellowship.


Esther was our special participant of this year’s CWI-HK conference. She flew from Bangkok (Thailand) to join us. I spent a couple of days with her in Hong Kong. I was touched by her desire and zeal to serve in Jewish mission. Originally from Mainland China, she left her homeland to complete her studies in Thailand where she became a Christian. A friend gave her a copy of my Chinese book ‘Jewish Awareness – A Challenge to the Chinese churches’. She contacted me after reading the book. It was such an encouragement to meet her. She regularly meets and reaches out to Israelis with the gospel in Bangkok. She is seriously considering her future ministry in Jewish Mission.


In Hong Kong, I also paid a special visit to a Pastor who has been involved in Bible teaching ministry in Mainland China. I first met him at the Chinese Intercultural Partnership Consultation in Israel in June. He says in his recent email, “It is no wonder to know that most of the churches in the East and among the Chinese Churches are interested in Jewish mission. The awareness has been long uprising in the churches but only with no opportunity to know more or deep about this mission.”


From Hong Kong, I went on to Singapore and Jakarta. I was overwhelmed by the keen interest and generous support of the local churches there in Jewish mission. Many friends have signed up to receive prayer updates and further information of Jewish mission.


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