Mission of Peacemaking in India - A Report by WRF Member Anup Hiwale

August 14, 2010

Mission of Peace Making in India: A Report
WRF Member Anup Hiwale

God is gracious & in His sovereign mercy He has been using MPM (Mission of Peace Making) in the church planting field with greater productivity and effectiveness. We are glad to report partial but meaningful report seeking prayers of WRF brothers and sisters.

1. Theological Education focusing on church planting: This is our privilege to inform you that under our institute called Reformed Theological Institute (RTI), we are ready to present 4 men to the Reformed Presbyterian Church of India as candidates fordination; they will be ordained as Teaching Elders for the state of Orissa, where the church of our Lord Jesus Christ went through very hard persecution two years back. In the provision of God MPM has been the first reformed organization that is doing reformed and presbyterian church planting work since 1999. We have been blessed by the Lord with 17 new church plants in various villages and 20 men are ready to be admitted in the formal training of church planters that we offer at RTI. Please pray that the Lord blesses this effort to see reformed church growth in Orissa though it is very hostile to the Christian mission work.

2. MPM is ready with three new publications: We have been able to compile three urgently needful reformed materials.  One of them is going to be the first of its kind in the mission field, called "Systematic Theology Made Simple."  This book has ten chapters and it covers entire loci of Systematic Theology with simple words and confessional references backup. The second volume is entitled "Missions and Ethics" and it is also first of its kind. We in RTI teach "Missions and Ethics" as the coupling of subject knowing that ethical values are taught for the purpose of Christian missions and not to make upright individualistic society but the morally joyful communion of saints. The third of our new publications describes the five points of Calvinism in very simple words within an Indian context. Please pray that the Lord takes care of our financial needs to print this and publish it on the Reformation Day, October 31st, 2010.

3. MPM was part of the General Assembly of WRF at Edinburgh. It was a very blessed time as a fellowship with World Reformed Believers, but given the fact of money and time that I (Rev. Hiwale) had to spend because of some ash-cloud delays, was not worth. Having said that I am very sure that God certainly has a specific purpose in all such things and some day we will know that He was still right in doing so. I was also was able to be part of the Theological Commission and attended those meetings with enthusiasm. I humbly have contributed to this commission and am looking forward to seeing how the things progress. I very highly appreciate the leadership of Dr. Ric Cannada and Dr. Davi Gomes in this regards. MPM would always be willing to contribute to the plans of WRF in the area of theological education in the Asian context without compromising on historical reformed faith statements.

4. MPM has Teaching Learning Events in India and we have been very successful in doing them. These are not conferences or seminars but they are Teaching Learning Events (TLEs). We conduct them in nationwide with the partnership of various Presbyteries and learn the need of the mission field and design the material, programs to help those areas. This year we were able to conduct TLEs in various States of India and introduced reformed faith into various congregations in the state of Madhya Pradehs, Orissa, Maharashtra, Punjab and Uttarakhand. Praise God that we have been successfully able to find the needs of these areas and have a lot of raw information to work on in order to plan next step of church planting in these areas.

Shall we as MPM ask you brothers and sisters to pray for the growth of Indian church in the matters of honesty in the leadership, spiritual depth in the scholarship of Asia and economic stewardship in our nation. We are working with prayerful attitude knowing in our hearts what Paul states in the letter to the Philippians 1:16, "And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ." As we stand in the strength of the Lord we need prayers of all of you! We sure thank God for WRF, may the Lord provide all the needs of WRF and make it a true blessing for reformed christians world wide making them blessings for many in the world. God bless!!

If anyone has questions about what has been said abolve, please feel free to contact me at the e-mail address below.

Rev. Anupkumar Arun Hiwale
MPM Director & Reformed Presbyterian Church of India Minister