Using Bible School to Build the Unity of the Church

August 5, 2010

The report below comes from Dr. Gerrit Dawson, Senior Pastor of First Presbyterian Church (EPC) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

This past June, three churches in Baton Rouge came together for Vacation Bible School bringing together different races as well as denominations.  First Presbyterian is undergoing renovations so we asked First Baptist if we could join with them. But we’ve been doing Bible School with Abounding Love Ministries, an African American sister church from the northern part of the city.  Abounding Love does a program for neighborhood children, many with no church background.  They brought them all.  Some 200 children to learn about Paul and his missionary journeys!  We made the front page of the religion section of the paper.  But more, we made local history.  The oldest Prostestant Church in south Louisiana partnered with a ten year old full gospel church and the venerable Baptists to worship, study, play and learn together.

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Dr. Gerrit Dawson