WRF Member Ron Scates Reports on Ministry in Dallas

November 8, 2010

This ministry report has been submiytted by Dr. Ron Scates of Dallas, Texas.  Ron may be contacted at  Ron.Scates@hppc.org

I am in my eleventh year as the Sr. Pastor of the Highland Park Presbyterian Church of Dallas,Texas……a congregation of 4700 members.

As a pastor in the PCUSA, I am a member of Grace Presbytery which encompasses the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. At HPPC I serve as “head of staff” overseeing some 130 employees, moderator of session, and the chief preaching pastor……as well as “vision-caster” for the church. 

Outside of HPPC, I serve on the boards of the World Reformed Fellowship, the Texas Health Resources Presbyterian Hospital System, and the Dallas Council For Life. A very important part of my ministry is the three covenant groups I am a part of:a local group of 8 pastors, a state group of 12 pastors, and a national group of 40 pastors. I’m also active in what’s known as the “Tall Steeples” group of pcusa pastors who oversee large evangelical churches within our denomination. When it comes to missions,I’m a member of the Lausanne Movement(serving as a US delegate to Lausanne III in Cape Town, South Africa),and am sent strategically by our Missions Committee each year to a part of the world where they sense my presence would be beneficial to the Kingdom.