Building Friendships with Muslims

January 30, 2011

During the week of January 24, 2011, I had the privilege of meeting a number of individuals who are involved in ministry to Muslims.

One of those individuals described one way in which friendships with Muslims had been accomplished.  This individual asked not to be identified so that future such ministry would not be compromised.  However, it is the policy of the WRF never to post material to which our members and other readers are unable to respond.  Therefore, if anyone would like more information about what is described below, contact me and I will make sure that the individual receives your message.

Sam Logan

Here is the story:
An unexpected invitation to dinner suddenly pushed me into an unsolicited discussion group around the Quran and the Ingil. The invitation included a quote from Pascal Pensées, so a copy from Barnes and Noble was presented as a thank you for a delicious meal of rice, kabob, etc. The presence of a  room full of students and native Americans, suggested the idea of starting a discussion group around the Quran, Pensées, and the Ingil.
The students organized the time and place and about six or eight afternoons were spent reading and discussing portions of the Quran and the Ingil. Pensées sort of lost its place, as difficult in English and impossible in French! Much was learned about the Quran, and much time and discussion centered around much of the Gospel of John, particularly, chapter 14. "He who has seen Me has seen the Father".
Other portions of God's word were read and pondered. When the semester ended, the worn study Bibles that had been in use were requested by the student and so ended up in various lands. May God pursue His word into the hearts He prepared to hear it!