Prayer Needed for the Church in Nigeria

January 25, 2011

WRF Member Richard Verreynne [ ] has asked that the material below be posted on the WRF website. 

ALL of us should be in prayers for our broithers ans sisters in Nigeria!

Sent: 17 Januarie 2011 15:12

Subject: Postponement of 1st Quarter International Events


Greetings in Jesus name. Thank you so much for your prayers, sms,

telephone calls and emails. The past one week has been a very

challenging one. We are compelled to take very painful decisions after

much prayers and careful consultations.

As you are very much aware of, the lingering crises in Jos resurfaced

towards the end of 2010 with series of bomb blast leading to the death

of scores of persons. We cried to God fervently trusting that the

crises will end with the year. Unfortunately, the ones in 2011

seemingly worse. Everything in the past one week has been on

standstill. The streets are almost completely empty. The banks were

locked up. The shops were not open. The casualties resulted from the

killings were neatly concealed apparently to avoid reprisal attacks.


In the midst of this uneasy calm, I managed to sneak out, leading a

team of resource persons to Indigenous Believers Campmeeting (IBC) for

the Kamberi and Dukawas in far-away Niger State near the boarder of

Benin Republic. The program was a huge success. I returned this night

to meet the usual uneasy calmness, news of attacks and counter



Our 2011 session for the School of Cross-Cultural Missions were due to

have resumed last week. Most of the new set of students could not

resume for fear of attack. The outgoing students are wondering what

happens in the next minute because of perpetual fear and rumour of

possible attack.


Having successfully tasted mission work in some of the dangerous

fields in the Middle East, I had earlier choose to ignore the

challenges that the ongoing Jihad poses. The reality on ground now

requires some wisdom. It is apparent that with the constant lost of

innocent lives, we have to postpone two of our key meetings schedule

to hold in the first quarter of 2011 despite the huge sum we had

invested on preparation already. The first is the Leadership

Empowerment Conference (LEC) scheduled to hold in Jos on March 15-21

and the 16th African Missions Summit on March 22-27, 2011. After due

consultations, the LEC we scheduled to hold at Bauchi, Abuja, Ibadan,

Ankpa, Ogogu, Abeokuta and Lagos have to be rescheduled also because

of the political climate which is breeding all kinds of crises like

Bokoharam, kidnapping, bomb explosion, etc.


Attached is the picture of the victims of the January 12, Crises in

Jos. They are innocent travellers from passing through Jos in a bus.

They met their untimely death in the hands of those who claimed to be

fighting for God. Please, do not open if you are not strong hearted.

This is genocide! In the face of this reality, we will not entirely

close up our ministries in Jos. We are trusting God to move some of

the ongoing training work outside the city. This will require renting

a hostel for our students and classroom and office accommodation. If

the situation does not improve soon, we may also relocate our

Unreached Children Home (UCH)~ our ministry to orphans and vulnerable

kids also out of Jos. On several occasions last year, we had to move

them to the mountain top and later to the barrack for safety. The

sight of constant crises is not a good memory for the kids. All these

require huge sum and above all the leadership of the Holy Spirit.


We no doubt covet your prayers now than ever. Pray for our staff,

friends and partners in the city for divine protection. Pray that our

ministry in Furaka community where we are committed to helping over

100 souls (indigenous people and settlers). Pray for both the state

and federal government of Nigeria for wisdom on how to approach the

issues on ground.


Thank you for being there for us at this very difficult time.




Rev. Andrew Abah

International Director, Grace Foundation Inland Missions

Nigeria Representative, MET(Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada)

Off Bauchi Ring Road, Furaka

P.O. Box 2704, Jos, Nigeria

Tel: +234-8037054214

Skype: andrewabah

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