WRF Member Dr. Matthew Ebenezer Trains Pastors in India

March 14, 2011

Matthew Ebenezer - Ministry Report March 2011

My Role:  Is being part of team that helps educate pastors by helping them establish churches that are founded on biblical principles.

The Concern:  Hundreds of ‘churches’ established throughout India that have no proper church government or doctrinal teachings.  The ‘pastors’ of these congregations have very limited knowledge of the Bible because they have had no proper theological education.  They are sincere, but misguided.  These pastors call their churches ‘independent’ or ‘free,’ referring to their supposed lack of affiliation with any denomination.  These churches are run primarily by the pastors of the churches with little or no input from the congregation. 

The Goal: To teach these men Biblical doctrines and expose them to a proper system of church government.

Our Strategy: We hold one day ‘Introduction to Reformed Tradition’ seminars, covering in brief outline the Reformed tradition, but especially focusing on Presbyterian Church government.  These sessions are open to anyone in the ministry, especially independent pastors.  The response has been encouraging with the most interest shown in adopting Presbyterian Church government.

Follow-up:  Those who want to know more about the Presbyterian Church are enrolled in 10 intensive courses offered over a period of roughly one year.  These short term (roughly 10 hours per course) courses prepare the pastor/students for ministry in their churches.  They sit for ordination examinations and are examined strictly.  Some pass the exams others have to continue doing their evangelistic ministry and reappear for their exams.  The course on church planting encourages them to multiply churches.  Any students showing more than average promise are sent for higher studies in Reformed seminaries in order to become teachers and leaders.

Comment: this Presbyterian Church movement is spreading with encouraging results.

Dr. Ebenezer may be contacted at - matthew.ebenezer@gmail.com