WRF Board Member Diane Langberg Addresses the Problem of Sexual Abuse

April 16, 2011

At a conference held in March, 2011, at Biblical Seminary in Hatfield, Pennsylvania, WRF Board member Dr. Diane Langberg gave three powerful plenary addresses on the problems of human trafficking and sexual abuse in our culture . . . and, all too often, in the church, even the evangelical church.

Below is a link to a brief clip from one of Dr. Langberg's presentation.

If, after you look at this clip, you would like the full 3-DVD set of presentations at the conference, the sets are available at $10. per set (postage included {anywhere in the world}).  Even better, if you agree to show the full set to any group of ten or more persons (they would make a superb adult Sunday School class!), the DVD sets are free (again including postage).

For more information, just contact me at samueltlogan@aol.com .

Here is the link to the video clip:

Dr. Samuel Logan
International Director
The World Reformed Fellowship