Prayer Request from WRF Member David Zadok in Israel

May 28, 2011

Fellow Members of the WRF:

The situation in Israel is somewhat intense in these days and in light of all that is going on in the surrounding countries particularly Syria and Egypt. In addition the recent illegal border passing on the "Nagbah" day from Syria and Lebanon was very concerning, which was the first such incident. Furthermore, Obama's speech and Netanyahu's visit to USA has produced many negative reports here. Many are very concern about these developments not to mention the situation in Iran. These have produced an extra burden on the people.  

Our main prayers at this time are that the Lord will open the hearts of the people in Israel to the Gospel in light of these uncertainties and challenges. And that the believers in Israel will be bold in presenting the gospel. At the same time we are trying to have a better cooperation with our Arab brothers in Israel.

The church in Israel is going through a very interesting stage in terms of its growth and its role in the society at large and even overseas. It is moving from childhood to adolescence, and in the process is trying to find its identity and its role in the wider church. I think that this is very critical but also encouraging stage however, we need much wisdom in the process so that we will not distance ourselves from the scriptures and the universal church of Christ. The move towards Rabbinical teaching together with a strong nationalism is becoming a challenge for the church here.  

David ZadokChristian Witness to Israel