WRF Member Pete Enns Announces the Inauguration of "GospelFutures"

May 7, 2011
        WRF Member Pete Enns Announces the Inauguration of "GospelFutures"
GospelFutures is a new venture that seeks to generate conversations about what it means to be Christian in a new millennium among changing cultures and contexts in global perspective. GospelFutures can be found on Facebook and at www.gospelfutures.org.
According to its mission statement, "GospelFutures cultivates resources, strategies and relationships in order to sustain gospel hope in this 21st century.  GospelFutures seeks to invite seekers everywhere into an ecumenical dialogue concerning the future of gospel belief, confession, and practice. We are particularly aware of the disruptive challenges and opportunities represented by three horizons - generational succession (GENERATIONS), globalist realignment of peoples, markets and power (GLOBALISM), and the accelerating impact of technology on life, culture and community (TECHNOLOGY)." 
"Our hope is in the crucified and risen Jesus, the mystery of god embodied, present, and engaged in every human life, moment, context, culture and community, and preserving and renewing life in every generation. We acknowledge continuity with the broadest movement of Christian thought and wisdom across cultures and generations. We seek to bring that thought and wisdom into conversation with our hope and experience of the gospel in our own times and contexts. It is our belief that, for every generation, the presence of Jesus in the moment is to be discovered, celebrated and lived. It is our vision to join with many to live out this new hope in every culture and context of this new millennium."
For further information, contact Dr. Enns at peteenns@mac.com