Job Openings at WRF Member Mukhanyo Theological College in South Africa

June 19, 2011

The following letter has just been received from Dr. Brian de Vries, Principal of Mukhanyo Theological College, an organizational member of the WRF, located in South Africa.  Dr. de Vries may be contacted at  Mukhanyo's website is located at  

Dear friends,

By God’s grace, the ministry of Mukhanyo continues to grow!  Mukhanyo’s multi-level programmes of theological education in KwaMhlanga continue to provide high-quality in-service training for church leaders in southern Africa.  To these programmes we have also recently added a number of short-courses in several South African languages as well as a series of weekend conferences for pastors, women, Christian marriages, Sunday school teachers, and other ministry leaders.

The Teachers Continuing Education programme now has 115 students and the Mukhanyo Distance programme has nearly 100 students at more than 10 different teaching sites.  In fact, it seems that the growth of Mukhanyo Distance in the last year is only a beginning of where we hope this programme will be by the end of 2012.  Some quality material has been developed already, and much more is coming soon.

Due to this ministry growth, we need additional staff members to join the team and help us expand our ministry vision.  The attached job descriptions outline what is needed; here is a short description for each position:

1. English Tutor & Lecturer in KwaMhlanga: It has become increasingly important for our theology students to develop their English writing and communication skills.  We have always taught English courses at the certificate, diploma, and bachelors levels.  But we need to do more to help our students improve in this area.  We now need an experienced English teacher to lead two courses each semester as well as provide personal tutoring to struggling students.  This part-time position will require spending one day each week in KwaMhlanga, preferably on Thursdays, starting as soon as possible.  This lecturer can be paid in accordance with the remuneration policy for all part-time lecturers.

2. Senior Lecturer of Theology in KwaMhlanga or Johannesburg: We are very thankful for our gifted multi-ethnic multi-national staff of lecturers in theology who are called by God to mentor church leaders for southern Africa.  But we are still short-staffed and need another senior lecturer to teach core theology courses at the bachelor level.  This full-time position will be based in either KwaMhlanga or Johannesburg, depending on experience and opportunity, and would ideally begin in January 2012.  We are seeking an experienced pastor-teacher who is either a volunteer or is seconded and supported by a like-minded church or organization.

3. Lecturer of Theology for Short Course Material: Due to the growth of Mukhanyo Distance, much more quality material needs to be produced and taught at the certificate level and/or within a short-course format.  We are seeking a gifted pastor-teacher to assist in material development and teaching.  This full-time position will be based in KwaMhlanga and requires affirmation of Reformed theology, some pastoral experience, and the ability to teach in several South African languages.  This lecturer can either be seconded to Mukhanyo by another organization, or will be paid in accordance with remuneration policies for all full-time lecturers.

4. Public Communications Assistant: By God’s grace, Mukhanyo’s ministry has greatly expanded in the last few years and we have been able to significantly influence many more Christian leaders with quality biblical instruction.  We want to share the successes and needs of this ministry with others, but there seems to be no time for our present staff to write newsletters, web blogs, and other media since we are so busy with actual ministry.  So we are now looking for a skilled Christian to serve Mukhanyo part-time by writing quarterly newsletters, weekly web blogs, and helping us share the Mukhanyo story with churches in South Africa and abroad.  This part-time position will require about 5-10 per week, either on a voluntary basis or remunerated in accordance with standard business practice.

We are seeking qualified Christians for these paid or volunteer staff positions who are called by God to serve Christ in kingdom ministry.  We are also willing to consider the financial support of any of these staff members through a ministry partnership with a Christian church or like-minded institution.  Please contact me at 079 933 9884 or for more information about any of these ministry opportunities.

Please share this cover letter and the attached job descriptions with anyone who might be interested to serve at Mukhanyo Theological College.  Pray with us that the Lord will send the right people to fill these positions in order to improve our missional ministries.

Warm regards,


Dr.  Brian de Vries, Principal

Mukhanyo Theological College
+27 (0)79 933 9884




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