WRF Member Michael Oh Describes Important Project at Christ Bible Institute in Japan

June 3, 2011


WRF member Dr. Michael Oh is President of Christ Bible Institute in Nagoya, Japan.  The website describing this exciting ministry may be found at this address - http://cbijapan.org/jointheteam/index.htm

The campus blog web address (which will keep you updated about life at CBI) is cbijapan.org/campus .

Recently, Dr. Oh contacted the WRF to ask that we let our members know about a special need and project there which emerges out of concerns for future earthquakes in Japan.  Here is the link to the letter describing this situation: http://www.wrfnet.org/c/document_library/get_file?folderId=20&name=DLFE-42.pdf

Anyone who wishes to get further information about CBI or about this special need and project may contact Dr. Oh at  ohfamily@gmail.com.