Urgent Appeal from the Africa Evangelical Presbyterian Church for Prayer and for Assistance

August 13, 2011


The Africa Evangelical Presbyterian Church is a member of the WRF.  The message below has just been received from Rev. Daniel Mathuva, Moderator of the AEPC.  Rev. Mathuva may be contacted at aepcgaoffice@yahoo.com.


Jesus in his earthly ministry in Matthew told his disciples that I was hungry, naked, in prison but you did not feed me, you did not clothe me nor did you come to visit in prison.  In surprise these will ask, "When did we see you and not help you?"   But Jesus replied, "What you did not do to these little ones of mine you did not do to me." This become a measure for Christians to be judged. Therefore Christians are to help the need and suffering. 

Over the last two years it was announced that Kenya will face drought and famine but since it is human character to act slow, nobody acted at all. Kenyans at this point lacked the Joseph's of the Bible who would plan for the country and spare food to feed the starving people when time for fame come.
It was not until last two months that people in the Northern, North Eastern and Eastern provinces of Kenya started starving. The nomadic community lost all their cattle, sheep and goats. No water was available for both human beings and animals. People started tracking long distances as many as 12 hours in search of water. The situation worsened when refugees from the neighboring country starting flocking in Kenya in search of food and many started dying on the way to cross the border.

The situation is bad as I email you for prayers.  The Eastern part where AEPC has many churches has some places which have gone without rain for more than four years now. People have died in the North part of the country. 

To bring the situation under control, both the government and the churches have lodged an appeal for relief support which has started coming forth. Our church has also lodged an appeal to partners, friends, churches and organisation who are having the heart to support to donated food staff, money and clothing to feed the affected people. Those willing to help can reach us through our email and we are willing to provide more details on how to support.

Thanks in advance and keep us in prayer.

Rev. Daniel Mathuva 
Moderator AEPC, KENYA