WRF Member David Robertson Announces "Out of the Silent Church" Conference in Dundee, Scotland

September 20, 2011
Dear WRF Friends:

As I hope you are aware we are planning our second ‘Out of the Silent Church Conference’. The first one was inspirational and really encouraging.  I think the most significant comments came from the people who came away from the conference, not feeling good that they had met a ‘big name’ speaker, but rather with the conviction that we can, as Christians, make a big difference in our society.   Having learned a lot from the first I believe that this second one will be even better.   We have tried to make it more practical and hands on.   Participants will have a choice of two seminars out of four (Os Guinness– Fools Talk- Recovering the Art of Christian Persuasion,Tearfund Discovering your Community, Neil MacMillan – Everyday Evangelism - Living the Missional Life and David Robertson – Introducing Quench – a course on how to do café evangelism).   There will be worship, a bookstall, a crèche, coffee etc.   As well as the three main talks and an opportunity to question.    Our theme is ‘Being Human’. It has been pointed out that when Nietzsche pronounced ‘God is dead’, this was soon followed by the death of man.   The irony of secular humanism is that precisely because it removes God from the equation it cannot be a full humanism, because it leaves out the essential meaning of what it is to be human.   OOTSC 2 wants to reclaim that ground. 

First up is the question of whether there is space in public civic life for Christianity.   Os Guinness, under the heading ‘First Freedom First’ will look at this essential issue.  It is a subject he has been studying for some time and this lecture is of major importance.   If you have never heard Os, he is a clear thinker and an excellent speaker, combining intellectual and oratorical gifts with a real desire and love for the Lord. Learn more: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Os_Guinness
Then Mark Roque will talk about how we communicate the best story of all into our human stories.   We are a community of storytellers and story hearers.   What’s the Story Morning Glory will look at how we can tell the Good News in 21st Century Britain.    Mark is of course a superb storyteller and will demonstrate this slightly different approach!  Learn more about Mark on his site: http://www.markroques.com/

Finally I will be looking at the burning issue in British Church and Culture today – the question of human sexuality and how we as the Christian church can communicate what the Bible says, whilst trying not to come across as homophobes or bigoted religious kill joys.   This is a difficult but vital subject and one which every Christian and every Church needs to be aware of.

I am really looking forward to the day (except perhaps the last part!) and I would strongly encourage you to be present, to pray and to bring others with you.   This is an ideal conference to bring a church group to – contemporary, biblical, practical, challenging and prophetic.  See you there!

For more information and to register, go to http://www.solas-cpc.org/index.php
David Robertson