WRF Member Tom Thorstad Describes Pastor Training Program in Southeast Asia

September 30, 2011
Dear Dr. Sam and World Reformed Fellowship,
                We great you from South East Asia in the Love of our Lord Jesus, and we hope in Christ that together we are building the Kingdom for God as we serve together throughout the world.  
                We have been currently working on various projects here in South East Asia. Our main project as been in training development for new pastors and youth leaders in country, we have been seeking out young Christians that have a desire and calling to go into ministry and to offer them seminary courses accredited through seminary in the USA and India. Many of these youth are over the age of 18 years old, but do not have the option to attend a seminary in country or abroad, we realize this situation and decided to help coordinate distance learning, with support of our ministry team in country. We are hoping to support this project through our current project called Project55!, which was developed to support, youth leadership, women’s leadership, and local village church development. The second project has been with working with the local church and developing bible software for its pastors and ministers, translating the Open Source software BPBible and providing the resources and a bible in the local language for the software. At this point we have one version of the software translated, but still working on developing the code for the bible to be inputted into the software. We hope to have the software in three languages, Lao, Khamou, and Hmong languages, possibly more when identified.
Our vision is to provided resources and vital leadership development for the people of South East Asia. For more information about these projects you may find at our website www.aheart4seasia.org or by email at about@aheart4seasia.org .
In Christ,
Rev. Thomas Thorstad
International Director
A Heart for South East Asia