Trinity Presbyterian Church (Rye, New York) Christmas Concert Provides Food for the Hungry

December 15, 2011

This report on one part of the ministry of WRF member Trinity Presbyterian Church in Rye, New York, was provided by WRF Board member Dr. Craig Higgins.

On Sunday, December 11, for the 17th year, Trinity Church held its annual holiday concert, “A Westchester Christmas.” This concert, which is in a modified lessons-and-carols format, features a wide variety of Christmas music, and a homily by me. The entire event is designed to be a venue to which our people can invite their friends and neighbors, and several hundred people come each year. 

While we have learned a great deal about how to put together an event like this (for example, we do receive an offering, but the proceeds always go to a ministry serving the needy—this year to a local food outreach), we constantly seek to improve.  We would love to hear ideas from others who’ve done things like this. And if we can help others, let us know. I can be contacted at