The Reformed Presbyterian Church of Uganda Seeks Assistance in Ministry to Children

November 26, 2012


Praise God Rev. Sam Logan! Thank you for the work you are doing for the organization.
This is our denomination report to our fellow workers in Christ’s service. As I told you our first report, we do carry out missions through crusades, conferences, and door-to-door evangelism. Our denomination has twelve churches in the districts of Mbale, Bulambuli, Butaleja in Uganda and other congregations in the Kissi District in Kenya.
We have carried out crusades in Mbale and we have constructed shelters for two churches in Lwangoli and Busiu. 
Projects: Our denomination has an NGO called Social, Transformation, Education, and Prosperity (STEP). It is registered with then Ugandan government. 

The objectives of STEP are as follows:
·         To help orphaned and disabled children attend school and get a full education
·         To see that children in school get safe water
·         To improve the welfare of marginalized children
·         To sensitize parents to take their children to school by teaching them the benefits of education.
Our present challenges include the following:
  • Lack of laptops and cameras
  • Lack of funds to implement the above objectives.
We received a grant of $4000 US dollars and we were able to install water tanks in four primary schools; Bushikori, Namatsale, wahene and Lwabo primary schools. We request others to partner with us to help save children in Uganda and Kenya.
Many of our churches are in a temporary church shelters; we invite missionaries from the World Reformed Fellowship to come in Uganda next year and preach in our conferences, crusade. We shall offer anybody who will come accommodations in a hotel and transport.
Thank you.
Yours in one fellowship,