Annual Report of the Reformed Church of Quebec [ÉGLISE RÉFORMÉE DU QUÉBEC (ERQ)]

June 3, 2013
Ben Westerveld


2012 Report to WRF

Esteemed brothers in our Lord Jesus Christ who continues to send forth his servants to preach the Gospel of truth and peace.

We also wish to report on the work that the Lord is accomplishing through us, mere clay vessels, for the coming of his reign amongst the French-speaking Reformed Churches in the province of Quebec, Canada.

After several years of incertitude, our congregation in Charny, Quebec has been blessed by the call of a new pastor and the reception of some new members. Rev. Satoshi Kawachi, a PCA missionary, was called and installed as pastor of the small congregation on May 2, 2012. Some new families have joined the congregation, for the most part transferring in from Quebec City congregation, as well as some visitors.

The ERQ is formed by the joining five local congregations, each of which is spiritually healthy. We have been blessed by the reception of new members and the profession of faith of young people. No new church plants are however planned at this time.

With respect to theological education, we rejoice that Dr. Rev. Jason Zuidema has taken up the task as dean of Farel Reformed Theological Seminary in Montreal on a part-time basis. Dr. Zuidema also teaches the Church history curriculum. While the seminary is governed by an independent board, the ERQ synod did vote this past year to provide financial aid.

The ERQ synod met on three occasions: November 26, 2011; March 16-17, 2012; June 15-16, 2012. With respect to significant synodical decisions, we might note the following:

a) Provide funding for an ERQ family retreat to be held, Lord willing, October 5-7, 2012.

b) Mandate the Education Committee to produce a brochure of the ERQ Church Order and liturgies, and make them available on the ERQ website.

c) Revise the standing rules of the ERQ synod. The most significant change involved reducing the regularly synodical meetings from four weekends to three Saturday only meetings to be held in November, February and May. If no pressing new business is on the agenda, the February meeting will involve conferences and discussions of issues germane to the work of the local churches.

d) Awaiting a report from the Ministerial Committee on the examination procedure for the approval of candidates to the ministry, as well as the reception of pastors from sister churches. No official procedure has as yet been adopted by the ERQ.

e) Adopted by majority vote the following motion concerning guest pastors: 

Each local council/session is free to invite, on an occasional basis, a preacher of its choice, while assuming all responsibility for the doctrinal and pastoral integrity of the teaching given.

The ERQ maintains fraternal ties with four sister churches: Canadian Reformed Churches (CanRC); Presbyterian Church in America (PCA); Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC); United Reformed Churches in North America (URCNA). At our synodical meeting in June 2012, we rejoiced to receive two CanRC delegates, as well as written fraternal greetings from the RPCNA. The ERQ sent two delegates to the Nyack Synod of the URCNA in June 2012, as letters of fraternal greetings to the General Assemblies of the OPC and PCA.

Lord willing, the next ERQ synod meeting will take place;

 Saturday, November 3, 2012 in Charny, Quebec

 Saturday, February 9, 2013 (Montreal, Quebec)

 Saturday, May 4, 2013 (St-Georges, Quebec)

May our sovereign Lord, faithful to his promise to build his Church, provide faithful preachers of the Word of truth so that his people may be gathered and built up in the holy faith.

In his service,

Pastor Ben Westerveld

for the ERQ Interchurch Committee

ERQ Interchurch Committee

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Québec (Québec) G1X 2X8


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