WRF Board Member David Haburchak, M.D., Poses Ten Questions As Part of "A Medical Dialectic"

December 17, 2016
David Haburchak

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A Medical Dialectic: Ten Important Questions
WRF Member David Haburchak, M.D.

David R. Haburchak, MD, FACP, is Professor of Medicine at the Medical College of Georgia (MCG), Georgia Regents University, Augusta, Georgia, where he has practiced academic medicine for over 20 years.  He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the World Reformed Fellowship.

Dr. Haburchak poses ten questions which are listed below. 

He then, in the attached document, suggests two different possible answers to each of the questions – one which might be considered the “natural law” answer and the other the “Scriptural” answer.

We commend these questions and Dr. Haburchak’s suggested answers for the consideration of readers of this website.

The Questions

1.  What is natural law?

2.  What is morality?

3.  What is life?

4.  What is a human being?

5.  How should human beings live?

6.  What are the goods which constitute a flourishing human life?

7.  How should the span of life be depicted?

8.  What is suffering?

9.  What are the goals of medicine?

10.  How can a good death be achieved?

Different Possible Answers

See the attached document

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