WRF Membership Renewal Form

February 27, 2017
Sam Logan

In his letter to all WRF members on February 27, 2017, Dr. P. J. Buys, International Director of the WRF, made several requests of our members.

One of those requests is that every member, whether denominational, congregational, organizational, or individual, renew his/her/its WRF membership.  Another of the requests is that all of our members seriously consider making regular financial support for the WRF a priority.

That letter explains the rationale for these two requests.  With regard to the first request, we have, in the past year, found increasing numbers of e-mails returned as “undeliverable” when sent to e-mail addresses which were provided on initial application forms.   This is understandable since some original application forms were submitted more than ten years ago.  In addition, we believe it is appropriate to make sure that all of our members continue to hold to the confessions to which they originally subscribed.  This seems to us to be a matter of being faithful to the Scriptures.

Secondly, while all of the costs of operating the WRF have thus far been covered by generous donors, it has become clear that we need the members themselves to begin assuming some part of these costs.  This latter request does NOT impose mandatory membership fees on anyone or any organization.  But it does urge EVERY member seriously to consider providing some regular financial assistance to the WRF and it does suggest a minimum annual amount which we recommend that our members consider. 

If any WRF member has not received a copy of Dr. Buys’s letter, contact Sam Logan at sloganwrf@gmail.com for a copy.

Attached to this item is a copy of the “WRF Membership Renewal Form” which we are asking all members to complete.  We will do everything we can do to contact our present members but, after several months of seeking the completion of the form below, if we are not able to receive the information and commitments outlined in this form, we will, with great reluctance, remove from membership any from whom the information and commitments are not received. 

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