Documents from the Reformed Church in America Dealing with Women in Ministry

May 22, 2017
E. R. Geehan

WRF Board member Dr. E. R. Geehan has provided three documents which deal with the decisions of the Reformed Church in America (RCA) regarding women in ministry.  The first document describes the background of the actions of the RCA Synod in 1957 and 1958 to ordain women to the offices of Elder and Deacon.  The second document, prepared by the RCA Commission on Theology dates from 1991 and is entitled "The Role and Authority of Women in Ministry." The third document provides an update on the ways in which this denomination has sought to address the issue of women in ministry since 1991.

The documents are available as attachments to this item.

The Reformed Church in America is not a member of the World Reformed Fellowship.