Women in Ministry: The Study Committee Report of the Christian Reformed Church of North America

May 11, 2017
Sam Logan

 “Women in Ministry: The Study Committee Report of the Christian Reformed Church of North America”
Submitted by
Dr. Steve Timmermans
Executive Director of the CRCNA
[The Christian Reformed Church of North America is a denominational member of the WRF.]

In response to the request from the WRF to provide the perspective of the CRCNA on the issue addressed by the PCA Study Committee on Women in Ministry, Dr. Steve Timmermans, Executive Director of the CRCNA, gave permission for the material developed by the CRCNA’s own Study Committee on this subject to be posted here on the WRF website.

That report is attached to this item.

Here is the outline of the Report:

Outline of the report

I.             Background and mandate

II.            The survey

III.           Two perspectives: biblical-theological argumentation for each of the two CRC perspectives on women in the offices of elder, minister, and evangelist

IV.          Differences and ecclesiastical unity

V.            The use of women’s gifts

VI.          Concluding comments

VII.         Recommendations

Dr. Timmermans has stated that, for a full understanding of the context of this report, the following might be consulted - https://www.crcna.org/sites/default/files/2000_acts.pdf

Dr. Timmermans further indicated that, as the above-mentioned website would make clear, the recommendations of the Report in Section VII. were approved.

Among the specific items to be noted in the Report is the studied attempt to provide thorough and solid biblical exegesis supporting both of the major understandings of the appropriate role for women in the ministry of the church.  This may be found in Section III. of the Report.