Floods in Nepal

September 8, 2017
Sam Logan


The World Reformed Fellowship has received an urgent call for intercessory prayers and any possible assistance that churches and missions organizations can provide to flood victims in Nepal.

Nepalians are suffering from a heart breaking disaster that has occurred again in their country just two years after they had the devastating earthquakes. Due to exceptionally heavy rainfall since last week more than 35 districts of the country have been affected.

At least 250 people have died, and thousands have fled their homes as monsoon floods swept across the country. Millions are affected as these floods ravage Nepal.  Many  people have lost their livelihood 
through the flood and landslides. Hundreds of men, women and children are injured and more than 150 are missing. More than 10,000 families are displaced and 34,519 families are affected. 5000 Households are completed destroyed.

The Grace Social Welfare Organization volunteers are reaching out to the people and have plan to reach with the Medicines, Water Purifiers, Blankets, Solar lights, sets of nonfood items like Tarpaulin, blankets and hygiene kits to the affected people.

As a result of the destruction communication breakdowns occur, as the result of many bridges, roads and electricity supply have been destroyed. Pastor Sabin Chepang sent news that 17 church buildings are washed away and many believers’ houses, life stocks, and paddy field have also been destroyed.

There are many more cries for urgent help. The Dhankuta district Christian Societies are preparing to reach out there with some relief funds and other items. The home of WRF member Rev. Ganesh has also been flooded and he is struggling to remove the soil from his home.

There is a desperate need for food and  clothing as some people were left alone without their families in the jungle.

Churches organizations and individuals who are in a position to help can contact Rev. Ganesh at aashish.ganesh7@gmail.com  

Read more about the disaster at this link: http://reliefweb.int/disaster/fl-2017-000107-npl